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Courtesy of Monet's Palate

Courtesy of Monet’s Palate

     April is the season of beginning gardens, places just putting forth the early growth that promises more. It is a fitting time to look at the effect that gardens and gardening can have on us as we grow and develop. I think it more than mere chance that I have happened on a series of essays and resources on the potential of gardens and gardening for those with autism.

     Great Britain’s Channel 4 presented a series of programs in 2015 called The Autistic Gardner. Alan Gardner, an award-winning horticulturist who himself has Asperger’s syndrome, was the lead and designer of this inspiring series showing the enormous potential that gardens and gardening have in the lives of those with autism. Alan and his team, all of them on the autism spectrum, carried out some amazing garden projects during the series. I would love to see our public television stations acquire it for broadcast here.

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“The Autistic Gardener – A new four part series for Channel 4 Alan Gardner prides himself on being an award winning gardener having won medals at the UK’s major horticultural shows from Chelsea…”

Source: About | The Autistic Gardener

Courtesy of Monet's Palate

Courtesy of Monet’s Palate

Courtesy of Monet's Palate

Courtesy of Monet’s Palate

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