Playful Play • A Playful Path


Introducing the “Shaman of Play,” Bernard De Koven

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Courtesy of Tara Books

Courtesy of Tara Books

      The philosophical foundation of my book in progress Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities: Creative Expression in the Dance of Life is that all human development evolves through the complex interactions among playing, making, and knowing. As I begin to focus on developing that section, I want to share with my readers some of the important thinking and writing about play in our lives.

     Today’s post will bring you to one section of Bernard De Koven’s blog on his book Playful Play: A Playful Path. Use it to introduce yourself to his work, explore other sections, and go on to his site DeepFUN. Keep or introduce play into your life; you will not regret it.

     The images on this site are from Tara Books, a creative publishing house in India and one of my favorite creators of wonderful books.

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“Playful play (as distinct from the broader biological category of play) is accompanied by a particular positive mood state in which the individual is more inclined to behave (and, in the case of humans, think) in a spontaneous and flexible way. – Patrick Bateson and Paul Martin, Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation Some of the…”

Source: Playful Play • A Playful Path

Courtesy of Tara Books

Courtesy of Tara Books

Courtesy of Tara Books

Courtesy of Tara Books

The Creative Apothecary Wants You to Read the Work of Bernard De Koven!

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