The Arno: a thoughtful companion | The Florentine


The Music of the Arno, Water and Its Transforming Power:

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Courtesy of Education Closet

Courtesy of Education Closet

          When I worked with the Italian Red Cross in Florence after the floods of 1966, I saw and felt the destructive power of the Arno. In the years following when I returned often, I felt the magic of its more benign powers. Flowing water, whether of a river or the ocean has music of its own to share. This is a wonderful article from The Florentine on the British musician Stephen Davismoon and his field recordings of the Arno, from its source to the sea. Let yourself get lost in the music of Towards the Water’s Edge.


“Musician Stephen Davismoon found shelter in the waters of Tuscany’s Arno, reflected in his field-recording Towards the Water’s Edge.”

Source: The Arno: a thoughtful companion | The Florentine



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