Approaching Aging as a Creative Challenge


Creative Aging is a Way of Life, Seize It!

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Courtesy of Growing Bolder

Courtesy of Growing Bolder

          Since we begin to age at birth, creative aging is simply the best way to live a life. In this essay from Next Avenue Tad Simons has some easy and practical ways to introduce a creative approach to living. Enjoy!


“We all experience changes as we age. But you can complain about the changes, or find new ways to thrive.”

Source: Approaching Aging as a Creative Challenge

Courtesy of Growing Bolder

Courtesy of Growing Bolder


The Creative Apothecary Celebrates the Gift of Creative Aging!




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Regina MJ Kyle is a former teacher, university professor, and dean. She recently established The Creative Apothecary as the successor to the Kyle Group through which she worked for 30 years. Her past work has focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in education, the arts, and community development. She is currently writing on a book on creativity in our lives and communities. Originally from Massachusetts, she has lived in England, Dallas, Washington DC, Louisville, Cambridge, and Boston.

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