Berkshire Hills Music Academy: Our Story


A Beacon of Hope in the Pioneer Valley:

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            Some of the brightest Beacons of Hope may be found in the quiet of rural communities. The Berkshire Hills Music Academy grew over a five-year period out of a music camp in Lenox, Massachusetts and an experimental program at the University of Connecticut. In 1999 an estate in South Hadley was purchased and the new music school for young people with intellectual disabilities was established. Today’s post traces its growth and development to the present. This is another shining example of the transforming power of music in people’s lives–and the amazing fertility of the Pioneer Valley area to bring new ideas to life.


“BHMA uses music to help individuals with intellectual disabilities develop skills for communication, independence, and employment.”

Source: Our Story

Courtesy of Bridgelight

Courtesy of Bridgelight

Courtesy of Bridgelight

Courtesy of Mermaid Musings

The Creative Apothecary Celebrates the Work of the Berkshire Hills Music Academy!




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