Innovation is overvalued. Maintenance often matters more | Aeon Essays


Important Considerations for the New Year 1, A Series:

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Courtesy of Bridgelight

Courtesy of Bridgelight

          Over the next several weeks I will posting a series of essays that raise essential questions for the way we shape our world. Aeon Essays, like Brain Pickings, is one of my favorite resources for thinking about the difficult questions we have been avoiding for too long. While the title of the essay poses a dichotomy, the full work does not. It is the narrowness of our current views of innovation that make it such a problem. I hope you will read this important piece several times; argue with it where you will, but take to heart its essential lessons.


Source: Innovation is overvalued. Maintenance often matters more | Aeon Essays


Courtesy of We Are Salt

Courtesy of We Are Salt

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Regina MJ Kyle is a former teacher, university professor, and dean. She recently established The Creative Apothecary as the successor to the Kyle Group through which she worked for 30 years. Her past work has focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in education, the arts, and community development. She is currently writing on a book on creativity in our lives and communities. Originally from Massachusetts, she has lived in England, Dallas, Washington DC, Louisville, Cambridge, and Boston.

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