New Education Directions in Finland: Phenomenal education


Transforming Education for the 21st Century, It Can Be Done:

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          It is no secret that I believe our educational systems are fatally flawed in their philosophy, design, and practice. There are some exceptions–Montessori schools, home schools that are based in a sound understanding of how children grow and develop, the efforts of small nations such as Finland. Today’s post introduces “Phenomenal Education,” due to be implemented in Finland in the coming year. First, I hate the designation “phenomenal”–it reeks of university and elitism. Having said that, I think the approach is a sound one, if it is well implemented and teachers have the needed preparation. It will require nothing less than a total revolution in educator preparation. I will be following this venture closely as it moves forward.


“Phenomenal education – phenomenon based learning in Finland…”

Source: Phenomenal education



The Creative Apothecary Celebrates (with reserve) Finland;s New Direction in Education!





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