News | Barefoot Artists, An International Beacon of Hope


Making A Difference Around the World, Lily Yeh and Barefoot Artists:

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Courtesy of Bridgelight

Courtesy of Bridgelight

          Lily Yeh and her Barefoot Artists organization have been bringing the hope and joy of artistic creativity to communities around the world for many years. I am featuring them as an International Beacon of Hope in a resource guide in my Living Through Creativity series. Today’s post brings you directly to a section of their website that introduces you to several of their projects. Celebrate the New Year with artists who are making the world a better place for all of us.


“Recognizing that creativity and beauty are powerful means to bring on healing and change, Barefoot Artists works with poor communities around the globe practicing the arts to bring healing, self-empowerment and social change.”

Source: News | Barefoot Artists


Courtesy of Barefoot Artists

Courtesy of Barefoot Artists

The Creative Apothecary Celebrates the Work of Lily Yeh and Barefoot Artists!




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