We may have less than 5 years to change how we learn, earn and care | World Economic Forum


***The Changing World of Work: Are We Ready?***

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Courtesy of Growing Bolder

Courtesy of Growing Bolder

          Reactions to the recent election in the US and Brexit vote in the UK mask the realities of a fundamental aspect of life no current government has its arms around or even seems to anticipate. For several years some us have been writing and speaking about the fundamental transformation taking place in the nature of work. The World Economic Forum is presenting a series of papers on what it calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” I believe the transformation in process is even more profound than that title suggests. Today’s post from the World Economic Forum outlines major aspects of the issue of the metamorphosis of work as we know it and its implications for policy and action.

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“The world of work is changing, but education and training systems are not keeping pace. A new report charts how to prepare for the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.”

Source: We may have less than 5 years to change how we learn, earn and care | World Economic Forum



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