Our 2016 Year in Review—and #2000BCorps! – Medium


***The Future of Business In A Complex World, The B Corp***

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          This post is a continuation of my series on transforming economies to meet the needs of people. Many do not realize there is already a strong movement across the world to create and sustain businesses that take seriously the mandate to do good in society as well as for stakeholders. The B Corp has been evolving over the last few decades and the B Lab in Pennsylvania sets standards and certifies that an organization meets them. Some familiar names in the US were among the earliest of B Corps–Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Cabot Farms among them. Little Sun, the business that emerged from Olafur Eliasson’s small solar light is a B Corps. This post introduces the B Lab and what it has accomplished over the past year. Use it to explore the idea of the B Corp and learn more about this important development!


“It’s been a year of acceleration for the movement of people using business as a force for good. Catch up on all the milestones!”

Source: Our 2016 Year in Review—and #2000BCorps! – Medium

Courtesy of We Are Salt

Courtesy of We Are Salt

Courtesy of Education Closet

Courtesy of Education Closet

The Creative Apothecary Celebrates the B Corp and the Work of the B Lab!



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