A Class Where Students Create the Curriculum – Remake Learning


***This IS The Future of Education, Some Are There Already***

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15740870_718520151639753_6979005300979613406_n          There are many different approaches to learning across the Remake Learning community in the greater Pittsburgh area. What is also important, the Remake Learning team are learning from others as well. Middlebury College in Vermont has always been a pioneer in learning. This experimental new course from Middlebury’s  Bread Loaf School of English, What’s the Story, allows middle and high school student to design and develop the curriculum. Explore it here through the report and the videos. (A note here: this is already happening in many homeschooling ventures. I will post more on this topic at a later time.)


“In even the most innovative learning settings, there are things a student can expect: a curriculum, or assignments. A new course in Vermont does away with such pesky conventions.”

Source: A Class Where Students Create the Curriculum – Remake Learning

Courtesy of Growing Bolder

Courtesy of Growing Bolder


The Creative Apothecary Celebrates the Work of the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College!






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