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***Play Is Essential Series: Play and Schooling***

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          Every time I share a new essay or other information about the central importance of play in the lives of children, I sigh. When we are harming children daily through a ridiculous school structure and we know we are wrong but are unwilling to fix it, I begin to think we need to indict entire communities for child abuse before they will implement change. Today’s post is an important piece from the Strong Museum, sharing the work of the American Academy of Pediatrics of ten years ago. What will it take to make schools change?


“Play at school is more than recess. It can be any activity, in the classroom or out, that fascinates the brain. When teachers use play in the curriculum and let children follow their own interests, learning happens. When learning is self-initiated and self-directed that way, it goes deeper and lasts longer. In The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds (2007), the American Academy of Pediatrics says:…”

Source: Play at School | The Strong



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