Deveron Arts, Huntly Scotland: Projects


***The Arts & Community Development Series: Rural Huntly, Scotland***

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Courtesy of Traveler on the Backroads

          I rarely come across outstanding examples of the arts making a big difference in social and economic development in small rural communities. I probably wouldn’t have found Huntly in Aberdeenshire, Scotland if it were not that I follow the Little Sun project closely. Deveron Arts is the arts organization that is making Huntly– a town of 4,000– a model for arts in rural communities. The basic philosophy of Deveron Arts and its  implementation in Huntly is a great model for others to consider. I am working to include them as a “Beacon of Hope” in my forthcoming Living Through Creativity resource guide.


Source: Home – Deveron Projects

Courtesy of the Artist

The Creative Apothecary Celebrates the Work of Deveron Arts in Huntly, Scotland!









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