Philadelphia Museum of Art – Exhibitions – Philadelphia Assembled


***Transforming Communities Series: Placemaking with a Major Museum***

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Courtesy of Project for Public Spaces

          Now and through July the Philadelphia Museum of Art is sponsoring a massive and collaborative placemaking activity that brings the arts and civic activism together to tell Philadelphia’s story of making the city a better and more inclusive place for all to thrive. This is a huge undertaking, well worth spending time to explore and get ideas for your own community. This is what happens when you give light to the presence of all these small beacons of hope in the community. One of my Beacons of Hope organizations, the Village of Arts and Humanities, is a partner and two of the featured images here are the work of Lily Yeh, one of its founders.


Source: Philadelphia Museum of Art – Exhibitions – Philadelphia Assembled

Courtesy of Barefoot Artists

Courtesy of Lily Yeh and Barefoot Artists

The Creative Apothecary Celebrates Philadelphia Assembled!






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