Pittaki Street – Athens, Greece – Atlas Obscura


***Transforming Communities Series: Placemaking in Athens, Greece***

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Courtesy of Little Sun

          I am a devoted fan of placemaking in communities and the placemaking movement around the world. The Project for Public Spaces is an organization that fosters this approach in making small, incremental, and doable transformations to make small areas of a community more people-friendly. Most communities get into placemaking through the ideas and actions of local people who see a need and fill it. Pittaki Street in Athens is a shining example of locals working together to make a dingy and dangerous street a hive of activity and enjoyment. Since this post is all about light, the featured images here are from Little Sun, the art form and solar energy model created by Olafur Eliasson.


Source: Pittaki Street – Athens, Greece – Atlas Obscura

Courtesy of Little Sun

Courtesy of Little Sun

The Creative Apothecary Celebrates Placemaking in All Communities!






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