Arts Health Associates: Introduction to a Valuable Resource


***The Arts in Health: Resources & Raising the Profile of Arts in Healthcare***

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Courtesy of Art Therapy with Create & Transform

              The arts have always been present in health systems from the time of the ancient shamans; one of the most important developments in modern healthcare is the growing integration of the arts in a variety of ways. One of the problems is the lack of visibility of this development except for those who are already involved. Three extraordinary and internationally accomplished professionals in arts and health have formed Arts Health Associates, based in Australia but with strong links to the UK and South Africa. Today’s post will introduce you to the organization and to the range of resources it offers to organizations and communities. Victoria Jones, Victoria Hume, and Lynne Seaar bring a wealth of successful experience in the arts in general as well as in the arts in healthcare. Please explore all of their information and pass it on.


Source: Arts Health Associates


Courtesy of Artwell Art Therapy

Courtesy of Art Therapist Canada

The Creative Apothecary Believes in the Arts in Healthcare!







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