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***Play Is Essential: A Major Resource and How It Grew***

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Courtesy of Buddha Doodles

           All human creativity emerges from the interactions among playing, making, and knowing. This is the philosophical foundation on which my book Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities: Creative Expression in the Dance of Life is built. Today’s post introduces the creator of a major resource for information and ideas about play, Mr. PlayGroundology. Alex Smith is an amazing guy who lives in Nova Scotia and has developed the absolutely best source of information on play and playgrounds on the planet! Check out Alex and his work here. The featured images today are from the ever-wonderful Buddha Doodles!


Source: Mr. PlayGroundology | PlayGroundology


Courtesy of Buddha Doodles

Courtesy of Buddha Doodles

The Creative Apothecary Celebrates the Transforming Power of Play!






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