An Accident, A Specialist in the Netherlands Creates an Adapted Mouthpiece, A Flautist Plays Again. 


***The Arts in Health Series: Adapting Musical Instruments***

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Courtesy of Bridgelight

             Everyone should be able to make music, not just be a listener. Adapting musical instruments so that people with different disabilities can play them is an important part of instrument design and making. Today’s post is the inspiring story of Leslie Thomas of Columbus, Ohio, who had a serious accident that prevented her from playing a normal flute.


Source:  Turns out disabling injuries from a 2012 auto accident prevent Thompson from playing a conventionally shaped flute. A specialist in the Netherlands fashioned a $3,000 mouthpiece – called a “swan neck headjoint” – that enables Thompson to play.  | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer


Courtesy of Bridgelight

Courtesy of Bridgelight

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