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Into the future with our eyes open

Into the future with our eyes open

Welcome to your new post–and I look forward to London’s continued leadership in the arts and health.

London Arts in Health Forum blog

The final entry in our blog series is from Victoria Hume, the new Director of the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

This blog series is meant to provoke and challenge. Advocating for arts in health by itself has ceased to feel like a provocative concept. But it was, only a few years ago. It’s only thanks to the many people persisting with an apparently eccentric idea over many years that the idea of arts and culture as central to health and wellbeing is becoming mainstream. It has taken active advocacy to get us to this point. But now that I write it down I remember again how absurd it is to think that they might ever be separate.

Until this summer, I had been based in South Africa for the last four years. On returning to the UK, I have found the connection between culture and health so much more…

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