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The Arts Driving Economic Development in Paducah, Kentucky:

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Courtesy of design-daufore magazine

Courtesy of design-dautore magazine

     The arts can be powerful drivers of economic development; they are too seldom included as an acknowledged and serious part of a community’s planning for the future. In spite of frequent nods to the idea of the “creative economy,” most politicians and planners do not take it seriously.

     Paducah, Kentucky is a small city with big ideas that has included creativity and the arts as an equal partner in community and economic development. I will be focusing on Paducah in my book in progress “Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities: Creative Expression in the Dance of Life.”

     Today’s post is the Paducah section of the UNESCO annual report on its network of creative cities across the globe. It introduces you to creative Paducah and to the international network of creative cities developed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

     The images on the post are of colorful communities courtesy of design-dautore magazine

Read…View…Reflect…Share…Include the Arts in Economic Development in Your Community!

Source: Paducah_UNESCO_Annual_Report_2015_bbcadcd0-7a9b-4106-9a91-ef9de5e99e0c.pdf

Courtesy of design-dautore magazine

Courtesy of design-dautore magazine

Courtesy of design-dautore magazine

Courtesy of design-dautore magazine

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